Want To Create A 6 Figure Business In 2022 In Your Spare Time?

Using The World’s 1st A.I.-Powered App That Generates And Automates Cardless Loyalty Programs For Local Businesses

Even If You Have Zero Sales Experience, Never Ran A Business Before,
And You Barely Know How To Turn On A computer.

  • Smart Web-Based Cardless Loyalty Website Creation App That You Can Access From Any Phone Or Computer With Internet Access
  • Done For You’ Customer Loyalty Websites Included
  • No Technical Skills Needed Or Sales Experience Needed
  • This Is The Perfect Service To Offer Local Businesses In 2022
  • Create A Recurring Income Stream In Your Spare Time Saving Struggling Businesses
  • Cutting Edge A.I. Powered Software Makes This A Simple Way To Make Money Helping Local Businesses with Cardless Loyalty Programs.
  • Get Started Today For A Low One Time Investment -No Monthly Fees!
  • Step-By-Step Training Included - No Complicated Set up.
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Raymond Loves


Before We Dive In, We Want To Share A Story About Raymond,
Who Was The Inspiration For Redeemly

Raymond loves loyalty programs.

You might even go as far as to call Raymond a ‘loyalty program junkie.’

When he opens his wallet, he’s got a loyalty card for just about every major department store you can imagine…

…and then he’s also a member of various cardless loyalty programs that are offered by airlines, hotels, and various restaurants.

Not too long ago, Raymond received a delivery in the mail from a national barbershop chain offering a loyalty program that would give him a free haircut for every 5 haircuts purchased.

Of course Raymond loved this idea, and he went to his local barber to ask him if he could offer something similar.

But his lifelong barber shocked him by saying, “NO. I’d like to but those companies make it really hard for the little guy to do this. They charge an arm and a leg too, so you’re out of luck Raymond”

It wasn’t because he didn’t want to give Raymond a special deal…

He’s wanted to offer a loyalty program for a LONG TIME, but the costs and headaches for a small business to set up something like this make it almost impossible.

And of course, tracking everything manually is just too much work for  a small business owner…

Raymond asked several other local businesses why they don’t have a loyalty program…

…and EVERY business he talked to wanted one because they KNOW it will bring them repeat customers and they see the big companies using these programs with a lot of success…

But it’s just time consuming, expensive, and complicated for the little guy to set it all up…

So Raymond Made It His MISSION To Help
Local Businesses Create Cardless Loyalty Programs…

Due To The Pandemic,
Businesses All Over The World Are


But Did You Know That More
Millionaires Are Made In Bad Economies?

If You Can Help These Struggling Businesses
To Get Customers In The Door…


For You To Make A Lot Of Money

Unfortunately, Old Marketing Methods
Just Aren’t That Effective…

Businesses Have Tried Just About Everything And
They Are STILL Struggling

Traditional Online Methods Take Time To Start Working Or Have High Start-Up Costs

Many Marketing Methods
For Businesses Are
Hard To Measure

Again, Do You Know?…

Customers Is A Lot More Effective

Than Finding New Customers

We’ve Got A Powerful Method For Helping Businesses Maximize Profits
From Their Existing Customer Base…

Here’s Why Local Businesses LOVE This…

Customers Come Back To Buy
Additional Products Or Services

They Spend MORE Money
When They Shop

Because There Is Not An Additional Cost To Acquire A New Customer,

The Profit Margins For The Business Are MUCH Higher Than Other Customer-Attraction Methods

We’re Able To Do This
With Our New App That Creates 


Until Now…

Setting Up A Loyalty Program Was


And Something That Only The ‘Big Brands’
Were Able To Do Successfully…

Which Is Too Bad, Because They Work SO Well And Would Be
A Huge Benefit To Businesses Of ANY Size…

Statistics Prove That

Loyalty Programs Are A Great Way To


Of Customers Allow The Presence Of Rewards Or Loyalty Programs To Influence Their Shopping Decisions

Of Consumers Shop At Stores Whose Loyalty Programs They’ve Joined At Least Once Per Month

Will Not Commit To A Brand That Does Not Offer Loyalty Benefits

Because Cardless Loyalty Programs Work So Well,


On Freelance Marketplaces 

Due To Advances In A.I. Technology,
We’ve Developed An Easy-To-Use App That Levels The Playing Field

And Makes It Easy For Business OF ANY Size To Benefit
From A Cardless Loyalty Program…

A Recurring Income With Redeemly


Create A “Smart-Website” Loyalty Program For Clients And Get Paid Recurring Fees


Clients Can Activate Up To Four Ways For Customers
To Earn Points On Their Loyalty Platform


Clients Can Activate Up To Four Ways For Customers
To Earn Points On Their Loyalty Platform


A.I. Tech Rewards Customers Automatically: Points Can Be Redeemed For Rewards.
When A Customer Has Earned Enough Points, They Get A Reward, And They Will Also See The Progress Of Their Points…

Redeemly Creates
Cardless Loyalty Programs


This Is What Your Life Is Going To Be Like
When You Start Helping Local Businesses

Setup Cardless Loyalty Programs With Reedemly…

You Make The Smart Decision To Get Redeemly At A Discount

(And It’s One Of The Best Things You’ve Ever Done Because It’s Simple, It Works, And It’s Actually helping Out Businesses)…

Your Clients LOVE You Because You’re Helping Them Sell More

To Their Existing Customers…

You’re Currently Making
Monthly Recurring Income

And Your Income Just Keeps Increasing…

You’ve Just Landed Your
5th Client Without Any Hard
Selling Required,

And It Looks Like You’ve Got More Clients
That Will Sign Up This Week…

You Can Prove That What
You’re Doing For Them

With Redeemly Works Because Of The
Built-In Revenue Tracking…

You’re Helping Out Businesses That Really Need Your Help

AND You’re Able To Do All This In Just A Few Minutes Per Day Because Redeemly Makes This Simple…

Are You Ready To Make This A Reality
And Create A Life-Changing


Warning! Pricing Increase Coming Soon…

About This Business Model…

There’s No Hard Selling Required Because This Basically Sells Itself

Businesses LOVE This And Can Immediately See The Benefit In This Revenue-Boosting Program

It’s Easy To Track Results So Businesses KNOW For A Fact That You’re Helping Them, So They Keep Paying You MONTH After MONTH

It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Get A New Business Setup With A Cardless Loyalty Program Just Like The ‘Big Brands’ Are Using

Once You Get This Setup, There’s Very Little Additional Time Or Maintenance Required, So It’s A Great Way To Create A New Stream Of Recurring Income

Because We’ve Developed A Powerful A.I.-Powered Software App For This, You Don’t Need Any Technical Skills Or Experience To Do This And Start Making Money

With Our App, You Can Do This Without Ever Leaving The Comfort Of Your Home As Long As You Have Access To A Phone Or Computer With Internet Access


About The Power Of A
Cardless Loyalty Program

“Implementing Customer loyalty programs was the secret weapon to scaling my business last year, as it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. I highly recommend every small business owner to create a loyal program to turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers.”
“With the help of a customer loyalty program, I boosted sales to existing customers at a much lower cost. I also noticed customers who were part of my loyalty programs spent more than those who weren’t.”

This Feels So Good Because


Recover From The Pandemic

Jay Herrera


Jose Castellanos


Jose Romero


Because We’re Making A REAL Difference
And Businesses Can See


They Are Glad  To Pay For This
Service Month After Month…

…And Today, You Have The Opportunity To
Get Your Hands On Our Powerful A.I.-Powered App
So You Can Get Paid Handsomely For
Helping Businesses Recover From The Pandemic…


Redeemly Leverages
Advanced A.I. Technology To


Redeemly Leverages
Advanced A.I. Technology To


To Reactivate Dormant Customers And
Increase Sales To Existing Customers

This Is A Great Way To Help Struggling Businesses Increase Profits

This Is The Perfect Way To Help Businesses That Are Struggling From The Recent Pandemic

You Don’t need Any Technical Experience
To Setup A New Cardless Loyalty Program Because The App Does All The
Hard Work

We’ll Show You How To Land Clients
Even If You Have No Sales Experience And You’re A Total Introvert

This Service Gets Such Great Results That It Sells Itself

This Is The Perfect Way To Create A Monthly Recurring Income Stream In 2022

This Is So Simple, You Can Do It in Your Spare Time

Warning! Pricing Increase Coming Soon…

Redeemly Is The


Here’s Why…

This Is Much Easier
Than Affiliate Marketing

There’s No Waiting Around,
And You Can Get PAID
As Soon As Today

You Don’t Need Any
Technical Skills

You Don’t Need
An Email List

You Don’t Have To Build Websites Or Do Complicated Tasks Like SEO

You Don’t Have To Buy Ads
Or Pay For Traffic

You Don’t Have To
Make Cold Calls

This Is Something That Local Businesses Desperately Need More Than Ever Before

Once You Get Things Activated, The App Does All The Work
So The Money Keeps Flowing With Just A Few Minutes Per Day

This Is The Perfect Way To Create A Life-Changing Monthly Recurring Income Without A Lot Of Time Or Effort Required


Than Other Marketing Services
For Businesses


This Isn’t Complicated

And Makes SenseTo Business Owners

You Don’t Need Any Sales Experience To Get Clients

Because This Sells Itself

This Is An Easy Way To Help Businesses AND Get Paid

A Recurring Income In The Process

This Is Something Fresh And New That You’ve Never Seen Before

AND It Actually Gets REAL Results


This Actually Works 

And Has A Proven Track Record For Success

Since This Actually Makes
Businesses Money,

They’ll Continue To Pay You Month After Month

Because Everything Is Managed
With The Redeemly App, 

Once You Get A Business Setup, It Handles Everything For You

Tracking Is Included

To Show Business Owners EXACTLY How Profitable This Service Actually Is

Watch Redeemly


Are You Ready To Create
A New Recurring Income Stream

In Your Spare Time?

Warning! Pricing Increase Coming Soon…


Designed To Help Business Owner
Get Results So You Get Paid

Feature #1

Cloud-Based App

Redeemly is hosted in the cloud, so you can create new loyalty campaigns from any phone or computer with internet access.

Feature #2


Your account includes the ability to add up to 50 businesses, which means you can create 50 streams of recurring income.

Feature #3


Each business can have up to 500 customers.

Feature #4


You can create up to 500 unique loyalty campaigns, which means each business can have multiple campaigns.

Feature #5


Add up to 500 total loyalty rewards at the account level.

Feature #6


Add up to 100 business staff, so there are multiple points of contact for each business and company.

Feature #7


Segment up to 100 different customers for maximum results.

Feature #8


Redeemly comes standard with 500 digital savings cards that can be issued to loyalty customers. These savings cards are powerful and really get customers to come back and spend money.

Feature #9


Get access to in-depth earnings analytics so you always know how your campaigns are doing and how your business is growing.

Feature #10


Get access to detailed customer spending analytics to show your clients that Redeemly is working so they continue to send you money month after month.

Plus, Redeemly Comes

That Save You Time And Give You A Starting Point

When You Get Redeemly Now,  


Redeemly Step-By-Step Video Training

• This step-by-step training shows you exactly how to get up-and-running with Redeemly quickly and easily

• You’ll see the best way to start landing paying clients right away

• We’ll reveal the fastest way to scale things up to a life-changing income in your spare time

Agency License

When you get Redeemly today, it comes standard with an Agency license that allows to you create cardless loyalty programs for businesses, charge anything you want, and keep 100% of the profit for yourself.

Upgraded Customer Support

Although Redeemly is easy to use, we’re giving you access to upgraded customer support so you can get help with the app if you need it via our upgraded ticket system.

Redeemly Real Life Client
Case Study

One of the best ways to get success is to see what others are doing to get results, which is why we’re including a powerful Real Life Client Case Study that shows how we monetized Redeemly.


To Get Paid With Redeemly

Get Redeemly Now For A


We’re Waiving The Monthly Fee When You Get This Now

Very soon, we plan to charge $97 per month for Redeemly.

At that price, Redeemly is a no-brainer when you consider how easy it is to create cardless loyalty programs that get results for businesses.

This is a great way for you to help businesses and get paid well in the process…

…and even at $97 per month, landing a single client would cover your costs and have profit flowing into your pocket every single month.

But The Good News Is…

During The Initial Launch, We Waived The Monthly Fee
And Reduced The Price To Make Redeemly Affordable For Anyone…

Click The Button Below Now To
Lock-In Your Discount On Redeemly

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GET $2,485 IN

When You Get Redeemly Now

Bonus #1

Unlimited Access To “Salesy – Business Sales CRM” – Real World Value: $497

Sales are indeed the thriving need of any organisation. Salesly is a business sales CRM tool, here to make your complex sales activity a lot easier. Never again miss a meeting or miss on a quote or miss a client for poor management. With Salesly, put your best foot forward and ace your sales card.

• The ease and feasibility bought in by an efficient dashboard layout cannot be undermined

• You can manage multiple users by assigning roles and permissions to them

• List and grid views to suit users of different needs

• Easy management of different accounts of a firm

• Manage numerous leads and opportunities through the Kanban board, allowing for easy changes

• Easy management of quotes, sales orders, and invoices of different orders

• Management of documents and campaigns relating to different aspects of sales

• The owner can create duplicate quotes, invoices & sales order

• Available in multiple languages.

• It thereby facilitates global usability

• Make Optional Assign User In All Module

• Invoice Module with QR Code

• Twilio Integration
Added Landing Page On/Off Settings

• A user-friendly RTL experience for the customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages

• Auto-generated and custom make reports for different sales activities

• Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 10 diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate

• Built with Laravel 8

Bonus #2

Unlimited Access To “ClockGo – Time Tracking Tool” – Real World Value: $497

Time tracking has never been this easier. With ClockGo you can track the time spent on each project through timer settings and manual setup. Through charts and accumulated data, you can effectively manage the time of your client and the individual member.

• Timesheet to get an understanding of time spent on each project, each day, and total time spent for a custom time frame

• Effective layout of a dashboard with visual bar graphs and pie charts

• Track the time while you work on a project
Reports and Summary filtered through the choice of projects, clients, tags and billing, etc.

• Manage time spent on each task of a project, know the project status, and adjust your project settings

• Desktop Application to Track Project Activities/Hours

• Invoice Module with QR Code

• Slack Integration

• Zoom Integration

• Telegram Integration
Add members and clients to the database by adding in essential details

• ClockGo SaaS is available in multiple languages for Global use

• A user-friendly RTL experience for the customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages

• Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 10 diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate

• Built with Laravel 8

Bonus #3

Unlimited Access To “StoreGo – Online Store Builder” – Real World Value: $497

StoreGo is here to offer you a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end. Right from managing the product inventories to fulfilling orders, every aspect of your store could be settled through StoreGo under one tab. Enjoy a manageable storefront with an easy user interface.

• Custom Domain
StoreGo SaaS offers 2 dashboards, both for the back and front end. It helps in the easy understanding of useful information

• Easy to manage storefront by listing products and product categories
Ease in creating tax and assigning rates to them

• Multi Theme: 5 themes with 5 different color options

• Management of Email subscribers list
StoreGo SaaS offers a complete order summary and print of any given order

• The store view on the front end allows the users to enjoy their shopping process

• Full White Label

• Store Setting

• Payment gateways for secured payments with Paypal and Stripe

• Whatsapp Integration

• Telegram Integration for getting notified on Telegram Bot when new order made

• Email Notification

• Offline payment

• A user-friendly RTL experience for the customers using Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu-like languages

• Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 10 diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate

• Built with Laravel 8

Bonus #4

Unlimited Access To “WhatsApp Food – WhatsApp Ordering” – Real World Value: $497

In the era of covid, restaurants need modern and clean solutions for their traditional way of working. Being closer to their customer is a game-changer.

With WhatsApp Food, they can create both a digital menu and the QR for it. Next, the customer goes to the menu, makes the order, and sends the order on WhatsApp.

Benefits for project owner

Benefits for project owner:

• Start a subscription business in less than 10 min

• Accept subscription via Stripe, PayPal, Paddle, PayStact and Local

• Robust solution with no additional monthly charges or any extra service needed.

• No time needed to run this business. It is completely automated and scalable.

• Take advantage of this pandemic, and turn it into your favour.

Benefits for restaurants:

• Offer their customers to order via WhatsApp.

• All they need is their WhatsApp. Business or Regular WhatsApp works the same

• ECO friendly. 1 big restaurant menu = 1 tree. Yes, for real.

• Restaurants can share their menu online. Based on research conducted by OpenTable https://go.opentable.com/rs/531-AOS-877/images/OpenTableTechnologyAndDiningOut2015l.pdf, 86% of customers regularly check out menus online before they dine out.

• Direct and instant communication with the customer

• Accept payments directly via Mollie.com 20+ payment gateways

Benefits for customers:

• Order via whatsapp, and start direct chat with the restaurant

• Pay directly on making the order on Cash On vDeliver
They will be able to quickly see the correct item price.

• They are able to select different item variants and variant’s extras.

Bonus #5

Unlimited Access To “QuickVCard – Digital Business Card” – Real World Value: $497

Start a business with this Contactless Digital Business Card Maker within 5 minutes. With the help of this QR Code digital business card builder, customers can scan the QR code and check your business card on their phones.

• Simple wizard installation and upgrade.

• Membership system

• Multiple Payment Gateways support

• Bootstrap – Classic Design – New php classified ads script

• Multi-language Support (Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese Included)

• Powerful Admin panel for controlling your site.

• New pages (FAQ, Contact Us, Feedback, Privacy and Terms)

• E-mail external services like: SMTP, PHPMail, Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill

• SEO optimised

• Change the currency

• Transaction History

• Facebook Login

• Google+ Login

• Unlimited Colours

• Google and OpenStreet maps integrated

• Google captcha integrated

• Easy to edit html template files.

• Fully Responsive
And many more…

You Have No Risk With Our


We don’t Want Anything To Stop You From Getting This
Easy-To-Use Software App That Leverages The Power Of A.I.
To Create Cardless Loyalty Programs For Businesses So You
Can Create A Life-Changing Recurring Monthly Income.

Although we could keep showing you examples of just how easy it is to create a profitable agency with Redeemly…

…the best thing for you to do at this point is to simply give this a try for yourself.

So here’s how this works…

• Get Redeemly right now and lock-in your bonuses and discount
• Use Redeemly to help businesses and get paid in the process
• Then decide if Redeemly is for you…

If you change your mind for ANY reason, just let us know and we’ll send you a refund.

The Only Way You Can Lose Is By Missing Out On This Opportunity
To Get Redeemly At A Massive Discount

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To Get Redeemly Right Now


The Price On Redeemly Is Only Discounted For A Limited Time,

You Could Find Yourself Paying A Lot More For This.


The $1,997 In Free Bonuses

Are Only Available When You Get
Redeemly Right Now.


Redeemly Makes It Easier Than Ever For You To Create A Cardless Loyalty Program

That Helps Businesses Increase Their Revenue, While You Get Paid Monthly Recurring Income In The Process.


Inside Redeemly, You Get

Everything You Need To Launch Your Cardless Loyalty Card Agency Today


You Have No Risk

With Our 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee.


With Redeemly Today

Real World Value Of 
Everything Included =


Get It All Now
For Just…

Redeemly Agency - NEW Smart Web-App Creates CARDLESS Customer Loyalty Websites  In Few Clicks

Warning! Pricing Increase Coming Soon…


To Get Redeemly At A Discount


About Redeemly

Q What Is Redeemly?

Redeemly leverages advanced A.I. technology to create cardless loyalty programs for businesses to reactivate dormant customers and increase sales to existing customers.

Q Is There A Monthly Fee?

No, the monthly is waived when you get Redeemly now.

Q How Does Redeemly Work?

With Redeemly, you’ll be able to create cardless loyalty programs that get customers to spend more money at businesses by coming back for special offers and buying more with each purchase.

Q Is This Something That Businesses Really Need?

Yes, in the wake of the pandemic, businesses need this now more than ever.

Q How Exactly Do I Make Money With Redeemly?

You’ll use the app to create cardless loyalty programs that businesses can use with their clients, and you’ll be able to get paid a monthly recurring fee for helping these businesses.

Q How Much Time Do I Need Each Day To Do This?

The app does most of the work for you, so you just need a few minutes per day so it’s perfect if you’re short on time or have a job.

Q Can I Do This From My Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can do this from any computer or device with an internet connection.

Q What If I’m A Complete Newbie And Just Starting Out?

This is perfect for newbies, and step-by-step training is included.

Q What If I Don’t Have Any Sales Experience?

This sells itself and makes it easy to land clients without any sales experience needed. We’ll show you how inside.

Q Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, you get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you…

Q Why Do I Need To Get Redeemly Right Now?

The price is going up soon…

Click The Button Below NOW To Get Redeemly
At A Discount And Claim Your Bonuses…

Warning! Pricing Increase Coming Soon…

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